Appy Kids Co.

Keep Appy, Stay Healthy!


Appy Kids Co. is a multi-award winning food and drinks brand for families sold across the globe. Their products are healthy and affordable. Trusted by parents and loved by children.

The whole brand needed a full re-design. Every touchpoint including print materials, merchandise, store collateral, website, presentations and packaging.

The main problem the brand had was some inconsistency and lacked in clearly defined guidelines. With exceptional team effort and several meetings, we achieve the consistency missing.

This was one of my main projects in 2019 and the one that I spent more hours with my team. The result is been a funny re-fresh that remains consistent across its multiple channels.

I lead in the art direction, design and development of the whole project along with a Graphic Designer and an Artworker. Many departments were involved in the whole process: Marketing, Communications, New Product Development and Sales to name a few.

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