Kids Crew.


Pandilla stands for a small group of friends in Spanish, a kids crew.

My good friend and entrepreneur, Carlos had a clear vision about how kids toys should be and what values should they encourage. He contacted me after I graduated to help him with the creation of his brand. His main inspiration was Imaginarium, the pioneer toy brand in Spain with the same values.

These toys were made in Spain, away from plastic materials and gender-neutral. And should encourage kids that it is ok to be different.

On this brand creation project, I primary focussed my efforts on the tone of voice and the brand character. Once we were happy with the brand personality, we moved to the creative part.

The brand has two more divisions, city and home, aiming to create public playgrounds with local governments and authorities and to create kids-safe furniture for new parents.

It was an incredible branding project to be part in, leading the creative direction, brand creation, graphic design, brand guidelines definition and brand strategy.