School of Meatology

The world’s first Meatologist™ needs Branding.


Heliot Steak House launched the country’s first School of Meatology, a series of classes which will educate meat lovers on how to cook the perfect steak.

On this branding project, we had a massive challenge. The brand needed to look like a Steak University, a point of reference, an institution.

The previous branding was a bit of a cliché, grunge textured background, American style illustrations and burned wood. Chef’s hero images didn’t help as he was carrying or with meat around.

To get a more reliable look, I though on doing a modern coat of arms, like a University symbol, that will give the brand a higher position. Photography style was low saturated, highly-detailed and with no meat involved, just knives, to focus on the chef’s tools.

On this branding project, I took charge of the creative direction, photography direction and design execution.